Little about me

H ello. I am Adeel Mughal ~ also known as Adi. I work as a freelance Web Developer, PHP Application Developer, Facebook Application Developer, Website Support, Re-Development, CMS Website Development, Shopping Cart Development. I live in the Pakistan. After several years as a professional developer, then as facebook application developer, I now try to develop large application development since 2010. Self-taught, hard-working, meticulous and perfectionist, I have quickly managed to work for high level clients in the cultural and institutional sectors. Based on project requirements, I enjoy experimenting new techniques. My favorite tools include Dreamweaver, Note Pad++, Photoshop and Illustrator. I like to be involved in all stages of project development, yet enjoy team-working and challenges on various types of briefs. My skills are mostly focused on Database Development but I have also worked in magento commerce for online shopping cart. I am a permanent contributor on the blog/magazine.

PHP Web Developer, Blogger, Thinker and Entrepreneur.